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"Life can sometimes come full circle.  But for a moment, let's forget trying to define how many sides a circle contains because this has exhausted the human race to the point where we give answers like, "one", "zero", "infinite", "undefined", etc.   I'd rather thing of something more tangible like a triangle instead.  Because, we can all pretty much agree, understand it, and define it.  There are 3 things that are important to me and I actually understand in a studio environment.   

1. Equipment 

2. Room Acoustics 

3. Engineering

I believe these 3 "sides" as equally important and supportive of the other in order to capture musical performance.  We are not even talking about quality performance or how to define art at this point.  For example, people have actually generated millions of dollars recording hit songs with M-Boxes and ripping off other people's art.  People have also spent millions of dollars recording unheard of music in the most expensive studios available.  The no nonsense business model and umbrella of Gear Exchange's retail sales has opened the door for us experiment in definition of art and performance.  Rest assured, the studio is still under my ownership and vision.  Nobody here is going to try to flatter you or lead you to believe that recording your art is going to make you a star.  Nor will we ever over inflate egos unnecessarily in order to only profit from studio time.  Our studio exists for the intent that we will come along side and support those who wish to capture a true authentic representation of the artistry and emotion inside their hearts."


 About our first tack at the new location....  

Track #1  (Not yet released)  This song was written and performed by, Хааны Оршихуй (A Mongolian Christian Worship Band).  2 of the members were flown in from Mongolia.  However, Misheel Dorjdagva was pretty much a 1-Man-Band on this particular song.  (He tracked the vocals, drums, and acoustic guitar himself).  The backing vocals were performed by Pearl Dorjdagva and later Dropboxed from their local Mongolian Studio.  All things considered, this song is probably the best audio I have tracked.  We had a lot of trouble from the US Embassy as they would not allow Pearl to come to the United States and Misheel was only allowed to basically come for 4 days after thousands of dollars were spent on applications and attorney fees.  Misheel was abused bu US Customs and pretty jet lagged however inspired and helped motivate all of us lazy Americans.  Most musicians would have given up because it was too hard, but Misheel is a trooper!  It was an honor to partner with these guys as they allowed me to produce, engineer, and even compose/track the electric guitar parts!  I am honored to say almost everything was 100% tracked on-site at Studio 66.   Misheel was a joy to work with as he himself is becoming quite an accomplished engineer, musician, vocalist, & producer.  This mix was mastered by Tree Lady Studios.  Also, a special thanks to Canadian Hills Church of the Nazarene for making the travel arrangements and accommodations for the band.  I truly believe this is the first of many artists to come.  I would love to see this page filled more stories and inspiring music of all kinds.


For consideration and a price quote, please send your audio examples/links to info@gearexchangeokc.com  


We would prefer to do everything in house because we have a certain level of confidence in our abilities, but if you want to spend some money, we can still go to that one place in Nashville if you want....

 Zachary Smith-owner