Studio 66 now offers public access.  Inside, you will find a new place to capture your creative moments.  Suited for recording vocals, voice overs, singers, comedians, songwriters, bands wanting to track, boxers wanting to smack, EPK's, solo triangleists, guitar amps turned up to 11, podcasting, or whatever-casting.  Or even rent the space to have an informational retro inspired lime green space jam!


'Z' Booth -

Dim the lights, may we offer you a drink?

Does this song inspire a certain color?

Imagine tasting a fine wine with hints of naturally aged cedar, burnt pine, & burlap....

Scientifically, this booth is longitudinal, properly dissipated, with a custom ceiling cloud and imported rug. 

This is a great booth for shooting videos or podcasting!  Be sure to ask about our ProRes RAW cameras and live stream capabilities....  

Not only do we have a Jewelry Case for a booth, we also utilize a logical 'short cable' hard wired method. You will not find any patch-bays or long cable runs. You are 10' of mic cable to the pre-amp & 6' of shielded line cable to the A/D.




Why don't you use Pro Tools?    
Many reasons.  Perhaps ask me to lunch sometime and I will explain.


Can I unplug, modify, re-patch, or re-wire anything in the control room?

No, because everything is hard wired.


Can I bring my own microphone?

Yes, if you can be patient as some of our controls may need to be re-adjusted.  Also, please let the engineer know whether it is phantom powered.


Can I see/hear something recorded in this room?



Channel List

1 - Warm Audio WA12 L

2 - Warm Audio WA12 R

3 - Avalon U5

4 - Really cool old Focusrite

5 - Universal Audio LA 610

6 - Neve Shelford

7 - Universal Audio LA 610

8 - Universal Audio LA 610

9 - Eleven Rack L

10 - Eleven Rack R


This is a Logic Studio

Black Lion Audio 002


Sanitary Headphone & Microphone Cleaning Protocols

We can accommodate Special Equipment Requests




6pm - 6am 7 Days a Week

$250 CC Deposit

3 Hour Minimum

$75/hour (Always Includes Engineer/Security)